About University of Peradeniya

Established in 1942 under the guidance of Sir Ivor Jennings, University of Peradeniya is the first and largest University of Sri Lanka which has a history of 70 years. Arts and Oriental Studies, Law, Agriculture and Veterinary Science were the first 4 academic faculties in the university. They were located in Colombo at the beginning. With the establishment of the Peradeniya site, those faculties were brought to Peradeniya between 1949 and 1952 and the University was ceremonially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on April 20, 1954.

By the University Act No.1 of 1972, University of Peradeniya became one of the five constituent campuses of a single university structure – the University of Sri Lanka. It had one vice chancellor and five presidents for five campuses. Under this designation, University of Ceylon – Peradeniya became the University of Sri Lanka – Peradeniya Campus. But this designation prevailed only until 1978. Under the Universities Act No. 16, 1978, the University of Sri Lanka was split into six independent, autonomous universities and the University of Sri Lanka – Peradeniya Campus became the University of Peradeniya.

Today the University of Peradeniya hosts eight faculties (including the newly added Allied Health Science faculty), two postgraduate institutes, 10 centres, 73 departments, and teaches about 11,000 students in

the fields of Medicine, Agriculture, Arts, Science, Engineering, Dental Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science and Allied Health Science.

About Alumni …..

On June 3, 2012, number of Peradeniya University alumni living in the Toronto area managed to gather a group of Alumni enthusiasts to a park in Brampton and plant the seed to establish an Alumni Association for graduates of the University of Peradeniya living in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas.

An interim working committee was formed in this meeting to prepare the constitution and call a general membership meeting.

The Alumni of the University of Peradeniya are a very diverse community. It was necessary to explore every angle and to reach out to everyone as much as possible. We discovered Peracanadians as an informal group that has done some pioneering work in the past and continued to carry out the good work. We also learnt we should work together to form one formal Alumni association where we can all be very proud of.

Interim committee contacted about 375 alumni and the first general member meeting was held on Oct 7, 2012. 123 alumni members attended the meeting and a mandate was given to interim working committee to continue as a formal working committee until and IGM is called. A few new members were also added to the working committee at this meeting and after the meeting.

Today, the University of Peradeniya Alumni Association is managed by a core working committee of 21 alumni members. There are 12 sub committees established to perform activities that will help new comers to Canada to settle down and other alumni to request help they need to make their life better in Canada. Board of Management also has a mandate to organize social events where Alumni and their families can get together and enjoy. We hope that we will be able to develop the University of Peradeniya Alumni Association to a level that is parallel to Alumni Associations of Universities in Canada.