What we want to achieve …

Our Objectives

Mobilize & Drive Alumni

  • Creating and promoting opportunities to renew the university ties and foster networking
  • Representing Peradeniya university fraternity in Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas and work collaboratively with other Peradeniya alumni chapters in Canada and other countries
  • Promoting mutually beneficial networking with other Sri Lankan and Canadian university alumnus

Support & Promote the University of Peradeniya

  • Supporting academic goals and enhancement of standards of education
  • Creating postgraduate education opportunities in Canada for Peradeniya graduates
  • Promoting University of Peradeniya brand (quality/value of degrees) in Canadian society and among employers

Support & Contribute to Advancement of Higher Education in Sri Lanka

  • Influencing and promoting key policies/initiatives affecting higher education
  • Influencing and promoting good governance of the University

Provide Service & Benefits

  • Supporting professional and personnel development of the members and immediate family members
  • Supporting induction of Peradeniya graduate newcomers to Canada
  • Supporting or collaborating with other similar organisations for the welfare of the community

Recognize Achievements

  • Recognize and felicitate outstanding achievements of members

Communicate & Interact

  • Promoting Sri Lankan culture and values among the members and their families in Canada
The University of Peradeniya Alumni in Greater Toronto and suburbs shall not engage or promote or participate in any political or religious activities or any social activity that can directly or indirectly lead to engagement, promotion or participation of any political or religious activity and/or in conflict of the above objectives. In case any such request is received, it will be reviewed on its merits by the Committee. This clause does not restrict any individual choices of participation.