University Motto …

Sarvasva Locanam Sasthram

(Knowledge is the Eye unto All)

The above Sanskrit quote is the motto of the University of Peradeinya, Sri Lanka – the most diverse higher education institute in the country.

The motto reflects the intellectual and spiritual intents of the University as a place for advance learning. The wonderful physical environment created at the foot of misty Hantana mountain range closer to hill capital Kandy, bisected by the Sri Lanka’s longest river Mahaweli housed the university provide the ideal setting for the young talents to blossom.

The education received is not just confined to the academics taught in the faculties of Arts, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Dental Sciences, Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences, Agriculture, Allied Health Sciences and Management. It has been enhanced by the diversity of the interactions in the live-in facilities and the surroundings – deliberately designed to the development of intellectual, spiritual and physical life of any student. The wholesome education has made its recipients well-rounded individuals. Thanks to the good foundation, many of them have built successful life in multiplicity of disciplines across the world.

We believe as the proud alumni members of the university, it is our duty to share the true meaning of the motto with the society and live by its spirit. It is estimated, the Greater Toronto Area and suburbs in Canada is the home for over 1500 alumni members of the University of Peradeniya. They belong to different eras of the university spanning over 06 decades and the number is still growing.

Every time we gather, no matter what the occasion is, it is heartening to see how the ‘Peradeniya spirit’ flows. Join us to enjoy the ‘Peradeniya Spirit’